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Awards Are The Culmination Of Summer Dance Celebration

Dancers and cheerleaders at Tollbar Academy received certificates for their commitment to dance throughout the academic year. They are pictured with Nigel Whittle (Tollbar Academy Principal) and Teachers Deanna Black and Lydia Moore (back, centre) at the Summer Dance Celebration.

Tollbar Academy students performed a spectacular Summer Dance Celebration on one of the hottest days of the year before receiving awards for their performance across the Academic Year 2021-22 from the school’s new Principal, Mr Nigel Whittle.

More than 100 parents, family and friends watched the dancers and cheerleaders, who have all been committed regulars at after-school clubs throughout the year, take on a variety of dance styles and genres during the hour-long performance.

These included a 70s-inspired Dance Team performance to "Canned Heat,” an 'Annie' medley by Dance Club, which included “It’s A Hard Knock Life,” and the Dance Club ‘tearing up the stage’ to "Footloose."

A fierce and fast-moving solo performance by Ruby Bearup to “Everybody Wants To Rule The World,” and a classical ballet solo by dainty Madeleine Barnsley, who was so light on her feet, brought a different perspective to the show. A duet by Maisie Allenby and Grace Wood brought attitude to the stage as they showcased their synchronicity to “Bury Your Friend.”

The cheerleading team, Tollbar Tigers, performed their acrobatic routine to a medley of hits, including "Gangnam Style."

Teachers Lydia Moore (Dance) and Deanna Black (Cheerleading) paid tribute to the girls for performing so well in the heat. Certificates were presented to every performer for their commitment throughout the year.

Dance Awards went to: Ruby Bearup (Inter-House Dance Winner); Harriet Price (Most Promising Dancer); Evie Kirby (Endeavour in Dance); Maddy Noton (Most Improved Technique); Georgie Burton (Most Improved Performance); Maddy Barnsley (Most Committed Dancer); Grace Wood (Teacher’s Overall Award).

A tribute was paid to current Dance Captain Ruby Bearup, Year 11, who is leaving the Academy this year after dancing every year since she joined Tollbar Academy in Year 7. She received a bouquet of flowers.

Awards for cheerleading went to: Kacie Ali (Most Committed Cheerleader); Brooklyn Smith (Most Improved Technique); Ruby Popham (Most Improved Performance); Evelyn Lofts (Endeavour in Cheerleading); Holly Franks (Teacher’s Overall Award).

The Team Captains for next year will be Elizabeth Williams (Cheerleading) and Maisie Allenby (Dance).

The trophies and certificates were presented by Mr Whittle, Tollbar Academy Principal, who said he had been looking forward to the show.

“One of the things that stood out to me from the minute I got here is how talented and creative the students at Tollbar are, and this show is very much proof of that. Well done to everyone,” he said.

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Tollbar Academy Principal

Mr N J Whittle