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Careers Education, Information and Guidance.


At Tollbar Academy our vision is that all students, by the time they leave, will have high aspirations and the skills and qualifications to give them the tools to progress onto further and higher education, enabling them to lead a fulfilling and happy life. Students will have a planned programme of Careers Education and Guidance in accordance with the DFE Statutory Guidance: Careers guidance and access for education and training providers October 2018.

Through our careers guidance we aim to:

  • help students to understand the changing world of work
  • facilitate meaningful encounters with employers for all students
  • support positive transitions post-16 and post-18
  • enable students to develop the research skills to find out about opportunities
  • help students to develop the skills, attitudes and qualities to make a successful transition into the world of work
  • encourage participation in continued learning, including further and higher education and apprenticeships
  • support inclusion, challenging stereotyping and promoting equality of opportunity
  • contribute to strategies for raising achievement, particularly by increasing motivation
  • provide additional support for those groups at risk of being NEET (Not in Education Employment or Training)

Student Entitlement

We work hard to ensure students take their future destination very seriously and are well informed. We have a careers programme that builds on this knowledge year by year, starting in Year 7.

All students will be able to access the start profile digital platform. This provides a comprehensive source of information with a personalised student experience and tracking capabilities to help teachers monitor student's progress and engagement.

In Careers and personal development lessons, time will be dedicated so that all students can access the programme on a regular basis. This will enable them to develop their own career profile. Students will gain an understanding of the careers available, the skills and qualifications needed and Labour Market Information (LMI).

The platform includes tools such as job suitability profiling and an online record of achievement; as well as content including job profiles, apprenticeship vacancies and course information for all post-16 and 18 providers Throughout the Academy, each faculty will deliver lessons associated with careers related to their subject and specific parts of the subject area.

External, independent and impartial careers services are invited to attend assemblies, lunch time Year 11 drop in sessions and Year 10 and 11 parent consultation evenings to help students make the right choices.

Trips and Visits

All year 10 students visit the NE Lincolnshire Skills Fair in July every year.

All year 10 students have the opportunity to attend taster sessions at The Grimsby Institute

A number of inspirational external speakers are invited in to speak to students about their careers. This helps to raise student aspirations.

Throughout the year, various trips, visits and events are organised for targeted groups of students, based on their emerging interests.

Measuring Impact

As an Academy we use Compass — the careers benchmark tool as outlined in the Gatsby benchmark, to assess and improve our current CEIAG provision. Our progress against the Gatsby benchmarks will be reviewed regularly throughout the academic year to help us meet all of the 8 benchmarks.

We will monitor the impact of our action plan and the CEIAG we deliver mainly through feedback from students and staff. All activities and policies will be next reviewed in September 2022.

In addition to this, various presentations from external speakers will be organised for all year groups and will take place at various points throughout the academic year.

Tollbar sixth form have a separate careers programme for year 12 and 13 students- www.tollbarmatsixthform.co.uk/careers-guidance/

Careers Programme 2021-2022

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term Gatsby

Careers and Personal Development lesson using the online careers platform.

  • What is a skill? Different types of skills.
  • Your subjects and jobs.

Careers and Personal Development lesson using the online careers platform.

  • What skills are needed for different jobs?
  • How do I develop my skills?

Careers and Personal Development lesson using the online careers platform.

  • Your interests and strengths and jobs.
1, 4

Careers and Personal Development lesson
Step into the NHS competition.

Careers and Personal Development lesson using the online careers platform.

  • Explore academic and vocational pathways.
  • Assemblies-Apprenticeships, University

Careers and Personal Development lesson using the online careers platform.

  • Explore jobs based on your interests and skills.
  • Explore some of the key industries in England.

Careers and Personal Development lesson using the online careers platform.

  • Employability Skills.

Careers and Personal Development lesson using the online careers platform.

  • GCSE Options.
  • Career Pathways.
  • Explore some of the key. industries in the local area.

Careers and Personal Development lesson using the online careers platform.

  • Preparing for the world of work- CV writing and interview skills.
  • GIFHE Taster Sessions.
  • Skills Fair.
  • Experiencing the workplace.
  • One to one career advisor appointment.

Careers and Personal Development lesson

  • Your next move- choosing subjects and making your post 16 choices.

One to one career advisor appointment.

Assemblies from post 16 providers.

Careers and Personal Development lesson

  • Post 16 options.
  • Applications via Lincs2.

One to one career advisor appointment.

One to one career advisor appointment.


Careers programme overview poster

Careers Programme Overview Poster

If you require more information please contact:

Mrs L Willoughby- Careers Leader:
Email- enquiries@tollbaracademy.co.uk
Telephone- 01472 500505

Useful Careers Websites

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Review of Careers Provision

Next Review: September 2022

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