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Wider Curriculum

At Tollbar Academy we provide all students with a rich, fulfilling deep education. We aim to broaden their minds and raise students' expectations, empowering them with knowledge and skills that will enrich our community, provide a platform for future success in the world of work and their role in society. The Academy recognises the challenges presented by the local context of North East Lincolnshire, and against this backdrop, seeks to raise aspirations amongst all students. Our intention is to ensure students have high expectations for themselves and an ambitious vision for their future.

The curriculum is designed so that each term a year group has a whole school theme. This theme aims to bring together cross curricular links students will be learning about throughout the course of that term. This allows them to see the importance of what they are learning and how their individual subjects link together. Allowing them to develop a rounded, deep education through a wider curriculum.

Each term students will have an assembly to discuss the importance of the theme and how it links to the subjects they will be studying. Teachers will then refer to the theme at appropriate opportunities during the sequence of lessons.

The themes studied in the wider curriculum are given below:

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Year Group Autumn Spring Summer
7 Safety British Values Consequence
8 Travel Empathy Togetherness
9 Poverty and the Economy, Save the Planet Human Impact
10 Health Power and Conflict

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Tollbar Academy Principal

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