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Vela House

Head of House - Mr Foster

House Colour: Woodpecker Green

Named after the Constellation of Vela
Location: Northern Hemisphere
Right Ascension: 03h
Declination: +45°

Why the name VELA?

Vela house is named after the Constellation of Vela, one of the three constellations that used to form the huge constellation Argo Navis, the ship of Jason and the Argonauts.

In 1763 Nicolas Louis de Lacaille divided the Argo Navis into three constellations: Carina (the Keel), Puppis (the Stern), and Vela (the Sail).

The word Vela is also Latin for the sails of a ship and is often used as a Spanish name meaning vigilant or watchful.

What does it mean to us at Tollbar?

In Vela house we take the sails of a ship as a symbol of our ambition to move forward, driven to succeed by our motivation, discipline and personal integrity. Like any ship’s crew, we pride ourselves on working together, trusting each other and finding solutions to challenges through honesty and open discussion. We value the time we spend together and make the most of the opportunities presented to us. We always AIM HIGH!

Working as a team, the tutors and students of Vela House intend to uphold these values and encourage each other towards best possible outcomes and valuable future destinations.

Tutor Group Prefects

Vela’s tutor group prefects are senior Year 11 students who work alongside Mr Foster and their tutors to ensure the welfare of those in their form group. The following have been nominated for 2021-22.

House Group
1 Cian Hughes
2 Amanullah Soomro
3 Tayla O’Connor
4 Will Moody
5 Alex Booth
6 Honey Hollingsworth
7 Ruby Blake
8 Georgia Blakey
9 Ashton Croucher
10 Maddie Fulcher
11 Hana Botic Shaw
12 Heidi Britteon
13 Molly Pritchard
14 Sydney Krogh

Sports Captains:

Our two talented sports captains help to encourage, co-ordinate and lead sports teams participating in the Interhouse competitions.

  • Ashton Croucher
  • Molly Pritchard

Vice-Sports Captains:

Our Vice-Sports Captains act in support of our Sports Captains to plan Vela's sporting success.

  • Millie Whitehead
  • Jodie Searby

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Tollbar Academy Principal

Mr N J Whittle