Tucana House

Head of House - Mr R Watson

House Colour: Barbet Green
Named after the Constellation of Tucana
Location: Southern Hemisphere
Right Ascension: 22h
Declination: -56°

The Toucan

Tucana is a constellation of stars in the southern sky, named after the toucan, a South American bird. It is one of twelve constellations conceived in the late sixteenth century by Petrus Plancius from the observations of Pieter Dirkszoon Keyser and Frederick de Houtman. This colourful bird is also a common one, well respected in various cultures as it is believed to be sent to them from the Gods.

All eight Houses at Tollbar Academy have the same structure and are governed by the same set of rules that apply to all Tollbar Academy students. Regardless of this, each house has its own identity and Tucana is certainly no exception.

Although there is no mythology tied to the inception of the Tucana constellation, Tucana House upholds important values and morals. Tucana House's pupils will uphold the proper values and morals that is expected of all students at Tollbar Academy. This new house will continue to inspire hard-work, determination, participation and most of all, teamwork. Pupils will be inspired to collaborate in order to succeed physically, mentally and academically. Just as toucans are colourful, bright and intelligent, pupils in Tucana House will be inspired to rise to that same standard.

'Flying to Victory.'

TUCANA 2018 - 19

Tucana House has had a successful Academic year in 2017 - 18. We finished a very creditable third in the Overall Interhouse Cup, winning 4 Interhouse competitions - the Interhouse Cross Country, Citizenship, and Maths competitions and had a strong showing in the other. We aim to build upon this success sin the forthcoming year.

Tucana students are appointed to senior positions of importance within the house. This year we have a tremendous array of hardworking and diligent individuals who will be representing their House with distinction.


Tucana's prefects are Year 11 students who lead by example. They work alongside Mr Watson and their tutors to ensure the welfare of those in their form group. The Tucana Prefects for 2018/2019:

House Prefects:

These two students are the most senior students in Tucana and will work to maintain the overall success of the House, and towards constantly improving things for each and every student.The Tucana House Prefects for 2018/2019 are:


Throughout the year Tucana students have taken part in all Interhouse competitions and events. This year there were more students than ever participating, particularly in Sports Day. Students should be congratulated for their efforts shown throughout the year in both the subject and sporting competitions. Everyone involved in Tucana will work hard to encourage even more to participate in these enjoyable events throughout the year.

As the interest and enthusiasm for the forthcoming competitions continues to grow, we are sure to succeed in many more areas during the coming years.

Vice-Sports Captains:

This year's two talented sporting students who will assist the Sports Captains in the organisation of teams involved in the Interhouse competitions are:

Sports Captains:

This year's two talented sporting students who organise and manage the teams involved in the Interhouse competitions are:

Tucana Endeavour Award winners:

This Endeavour awards celebrate the successes of students from any year group who have made a special effort towards the Academy through extra hard work and their participation in Academy events. An overall winner is rewarded with custodianship of the prestigious Tucana Endeavour Shield for the full Academic year. The full list of winners is below, with the overall Tucana Endeavour Shield being awarded to Sophie Meggitt (TU10) for her excellent efforts in year 8.

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