Year 10 Students Assess Coastal Erosion

Tollbar Academy Year 10 Geography students on a Field Trip to Hornsea and the Holderness coast to study erosion. (L-r) Ebony Webster, Lily Clarke and Diva Wraith measuring five metre points to see the build up of sand either side of the groynes and also the slope of the beach.

Year 10 Geography students from Tollbar Academy put their skills to the test examining the effectiveness of sea defences on an East Coast beach. The students visited Hornsea, East Yorkshire, to conduct fieldwork to establish whether the groynes on the beach are successful.

Students worked in groups to gather data and visited two different groynes. They conducted a beach profile using clinometers and ranging poles to look at the angle of the beach and windward and leeward sides of the groynes. They also gathered data on the depth of groyne exposed on windward and leeward sides using meter rulers, this would help understand how the height of the sediment changes along the beach.

Year 10 student Holly Lentle-Shields said: "We have been measuring groynes and the beach profile for our sea wall research. It helps us with our classroom studies."

Harvey Greenfield and Holly Lentle-Shields work as a team.

Alfie Lister and Grace Phillips take measurements on the beach at Hornsea.

The East Coast beach at Hornsea.

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