Serious Message On Knife Crime

Pictured with PCSO Ali Mohammed are Tollbar Academy Year 9 students: (L-r) Violet Aisthorpe, Sam Farrow, Rhys Thomas and Liberty Bennington-Gardner.

Year 9 students at Tollbar Academy responded positively to a talk by Humberside Police about knife crime.

Set against a bleak background of rising knife crime in the UK, Cleethorpes PCSO Ali Mohammed said: "The message is a simple but very serious one. Knives ruin lives and there are serious consequences if caught with one."

Student Rhys Thomas said: "The message is not to carry knives, and to tell a responsible adult if we know someone has a knife."

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Tollbar Academy Principal

Caroline L Yates
BA (Hons).

Tollbar MAT Chief Executive

David J Hampson