Safety Talk Gives Students A Different Perspective On Road Accidents

Kevin Freer (left) and John Rolland, from Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, who are speaking to all students at Tollbar Academy about road safety. They are pictured with Year 7 students (l-r) Lacey McIntyre, Freya Pashby, Harvey Gibbins, Faith Mountford and Beau Drant.

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service brought home the reality of safety on the roads with a series of talks to Citizenship students at Tollbar Academy.

Officers Kevin Freer and John Rolland told students how motorcycles are by far the most dangerous form of transport in Britain based on accident figures, followed by cyclists and pedestrians.

Kevin Freer explained: "We are delivering a series of talks on road safety trying to get young people to look at it from different angles. Being young they have a different perspective of hazard risk and its consequences, so we are trying to keep them out of danger by giving them a heads up and making them more advanced in this area.

"We are looking at pedestrian and cycle safety and passenger safety, in particular, as the students may not be old enough to drive yet, but they are old enough to be in a vehicle and influence how it is driven, both positively and negatively. We want to make them think about road safety from a different point of view, to try and keep them out of danger. The talks are all practically based and we are pleased that so far they have been very well received."

Year 7 student Harvey Gibbins said: "They told us a lot of facts about road accidents that we didn't know and it was really interesting to hear."

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