Safety Online Letter 2018


20 November 2018

Dear Parent/Carer

We would like to remind parents/carers to closely monitor your child's activity online. We have recently had a report from the police that young people in the area are being contacted by an adult male on social media, in particular via Snapchat. These messages are of an adult nature and are completely age inappropriate. In some cases, he has tried to arrange to meet young people.

Simple measures which can be taken to protect your child include:

  • Monitor which social media platforms your child is using.
  • Look out for your child moving to new platforms to chat.
  • Use webcam and devices in public places.
  • Encourage your child to identify safe and trusted adults.
  • Make sure your child knows where to go for support.

If you would like any advice regarding online safety or support, you can find this at

If you have any concerns that are directly related to the incident above, please contact the police on 101.

Please sign your son / daughter's planner on page 30, the Academy/Home Communications page, to indicate that you have received this letter.

Yours faithfully

Miss C L Yates


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Tollbar Academy Principal

Caroline L Yates
BA (Hons).

Tollbar MAT Chief Executive

David J Hampson