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Royal Mail Stamp Competition Inspires Students To Reveal Their Heroes

Year 7 students at Tollbar Academy who have taken part in a competition to design a stamp for the Royal Mail, based on their heroes. From left are, Ava-Bella Partington, 12, who paid tribute her mum, and Ashton Tant, 12, who chose Captain Sir Tom.

A young Tollbar Academy student has taken the opportunity to design a heartfelt tribute to her mum after taking part in a Royal Mail stamp competition commemorating the heroes of the past year.

Year 7 and 8 students across the UK have been invited to take part in the competition, which will see eight stamps published to celebrate the ‘ordinary’ people who have been extraordinary during the Covid pandemic. A special panel of judges will pick the winning designs. The final eight stamps will be sent to Her Majesty The Queen before they can be printed and issued.

Tollbar students have chosen a wide range of people as their heroes, from Captain Sir Tom to the NHS nurses and doctors who have worked tirelessly in the last year. But Ava-Bella Partington (12) designed a stamp to celebrate her mum, Natasha.

She said. “My mum has three children and another on the way and she just keeps on going no matter what. She is always there for all of us and never fails to make us happy. She is my hero and I wanted to let her know that.”

More than 100 Tollbar Academy students have taken part in the Royal Mail competition, which closes this Friday May 28. There will be regional heats with 200 runners-up prizes. The eight winners will see their designs turned into official stamps.

Claire Stephen, Deputy Curriculum Leader For Art at Tollbar Academy,  said staff have been ‘hugely impressed’ by the standard of entries for the competition.

“It was the students’ choice to take part in this competition and so many of them wanted to do so. They have really thought about their entries, and designing the stamps has given them the opportunity to express their feelings about the past year in their owns words.”

Year 7 student Lennon Blair (11) said he chose NHS doctors for his design. “They have just helped everyone to get through this and have done really good things to make people better.”

Hannah Howden (12) chose Captain Sir Tom Moore. She said: “He did so much for others at the end of his life and that was truly inspiring to me.”

Ashton Tant (12) added: “He was about to die and yet Captain Tom was still thinking about other people. He is my hero.”

Year 7 students who have taken part in the stamp competition. From left are, Hannah Howden, 12, Ava-Bella Partington, 12, Ashton Tant, 12, Leo Harness, 12, Kierah Amir, 12, Lennon Blair, 11, Beau Chapman, 12, and Lucy Drake, 12.

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