Parents 'Want To Go Back To School' After Tour Of Tollbar Academy Open Evening

"It makes us want to go back to school" was the verdict of parents who visited Tollbar Academy for its annual Year 6 Open Evening.

Hundreds of parents and prospective students toured the Academy's facilities, including Rachel Taylor and her son Samuel (10), who currently attends Waltham Leas Primary.

"It wasn't like this when we were at school and it really does make us want to come back and take advantage of all of the fantastic stuff available to children now," said Rachel.

The family were one of many who took part in a wide variety of activities on offer at the Open Evening in all curriculum areas. In Science, the children took part in vibrant experiments; in Music, they enjoyed African Drumming; in History they learned about World War uniforms; and in Art, they made clay prints and even sampled the GCSE Photography course.

Tollbar Academy students of all ages were on hand to give their verdict on life at the Academy and to act as personal guides to the visiting families.

The sheer volume of visitors meant that the Academy's new Principal, Caroline Yates, had to give three introduction talks instead of the usual two, on each occasion to a packed Academy Hall.

She said: "It is wonderful to see so many people here tonight and to hear many of them congratulate us on our outstanding GCSE results, which were achieved by students this summer.

"My message to parents and their children this evening is simply that we will do our utmost to ensure that every child who attends this Academy achieves to the very best of their ability. It does not matter what obstacles they have to overcome, we will be there to support them all of the way. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive Academy and I look forward to seeing many of the children here tonight joining us at Tollbar next year."

The new Principal of Tollbar Academy, Caroline Yates (centre), chats to families visiting the Annual Year 6 Open Evening. They are: (left) Marc and Katy Carlton with son Harry (10), and (right) Matthew and Harriet Bickley with son Thomas (10) and daughter Niamh (7).

Taking a look at Music production at Tollbar Academy Open Evening are Waltham Leas pupils, Harry Rawcliffe, Samuel Taylor and Finley Brumby (all aged 10), helped by Tollbar Academy student Aiden Brumby (12).

Tollbar Academy Year 10 student Jack Deans (right) and Olivia Wright (Year 8) teach Ethan Stones (10), from Signhills Academy, about the history of World War helmets.

Sisters Lauren (8), Lexie (6) and Lily Chesman (10) join Tony Davis, Curriculum Leader for Art at Tollbar Academy, for some clay work, with help from Year 11 student Freya Butterfield.

Tollbar Academy students, Eve Smith (Year 10) and Charlotte Clark (Year 11), give some tips on the GCSE Photography course to visitors, Richard and Claire Allison and their children Louise (10) and Ronnie (6). Also pictured is Art Teacher Carol Holland (centre).

Learning all about human remains in Biology are visiting families: (Front, left) Sarah Blanchard and daughter Freya (10) and Nana Pat Thompson; (Back, right) Clare Wingate with daughter Lucie (14), who is in year 10 at Tollbar Academy, and son Clarke Wingate (10), who currently attends Scartho Junior. Also pictured is Science Teacher Shireen Devany (second left).

Carl and Lindsay White with children, Oliver (10) and Hannah (7), take part in a Science experiment with Year 9 Tollbar student Mollie Deane.

Visitors get to grips with African Drumming in the Music Department.

Science Teacher Neil Jacklin takes part in a controlled experiment with visiting families.

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Tollbar Academy Principal

Caroline L Yates
BA (Hons).

Tollbar MAT Chief Executive

David J Hampson