GCSE Results Reflect “Sheer Hard Work And Ability of Students”

Socially-distanced GCSE students celebrate their results at Tollbar Academy.

Students at Tollbar Academy are today celebrating a fantastic set of GCSE results, despite major disruption to their education due to Covid-19.

The results were distributed to students at the Academy this morning in small socially distanced groups, which complied with Covid-19 guidelines. Teaching staff and a member of our careers staff were available to offer face-to-face advice and support to the students regarding their results and post-16 choices.

Students were also assured that the “robust and rigorous assessment processes in place at all Tollbar Multi Academy Trust Academies” mean that these results are a “true reflection” of the grades they were expected to achieve had exams taken place.

David Hampson, Chief Executive of TMAT, said: “The GCSE students should be extremely proud of themselves. Their grades today are a true reflection of their hard work and ability. These are the grades teachers were expecting them to achieve had they sat their exams this year. We have very detailed processes in place to ensure that teacher assessments are accurate, including standardising and moderating mock exams and other internal assessments.

“In years gone by, we have always been very accurate in predicting our results and this year is no different, despite the tremendous disruption that Covid-19 has caused to everyone.”

Overall results at Tollbar Academy have increased this year, with 85% of students achieving a standard pass (grades 4-9) in both English and Maths; with 53% achieving a strong pass (grades 5-9).

The Academy’s Attainment 8 figure has also increased to 55.28. Attainment 8 measures the achievement of a student across eight subjects, including English and Maths.

Caroline Yates, Principal of Tollbar Academy, said: “My congratulations go to all students today. This was a very hard working cohort and they thoroughly deserve their achievements, regardless of the disruption to final exams. This is what we were expecting them to achieve because of  their commitment and work ethic. 

“We have seen an increase in our Maths results this year, which has contributed to a combined increase in our Maths and English percentages. 

“Tollbar GCSE students sat two mock exams in November and March, just before we went into lockdown, both of which used GCSE exam criteria using the exam board’s mark scheme, and they were also internally moderated. So the final result today is a set of grades that our students can justifiably be proud of.”

Benjamin Cass achieved 6 grade 9s, and two grade 7s. He said: “I'm really pleased with the results. I worked hard and not doing the exams was disappointing because I was confident I could do well.”

Lucy Dudgeon achieved eight Grade 9s and one grade 8. She said: “I'm really pleased. I worked really hard. The end of year was completely different to what I expected it to be, but it has ended well.  I'm staying on at Tollbar MAT Sixth Form College to study Chemistry, Biology and Maths for A Level.”

Isabella Glasson achieved eight Grade 9s. She said: “The year didn’t go to plan but I'm extremely pleased with the results. The last few months have been a bit stressful. It was out of our control. I was gutted when the exams were cancelled but relieved to see the results. Nice to know the teachers think I would have got them.”

Emma Besson (left) achieved five grade 8s, one grade 7 and two grade 6s. She said: “I am very chuffed. Over the moon.” Megan Hutson (right) achieved two grade 8s, three grade 7s and three grade 6s.

Oliver Muggridge achieved achieved one grade 9, five grade 8s, two grade 7s and two grade 6s. He will study for his A Levels at Tollbar MAT Sixth Form College and is seen signing on for them at the College. He said: “I'm pleased with the results. I have kept myself busy while off school playing basketball and doing odd jobs for neighbours. Online learning wasn’t too bad. I'm going to study Maths, Geography and Economics at Tollbar Sixth Form. It's close to home and a good atmosphere. Staff in the Sixth Form seem friendly and I was impressed at the Taster Day.”

Pic 024: Alix Gidlow and his dad Danny celebrate his results. Alix achieved three grade 7s, four grade 6s and one grade 5. He said: “I'm happy with the results. I have just enrolled to study Maths, Physics and Business at Tollbar MAT Sixth Form. I have heard good things about the teaching and the Sixth Form and I have been very happy here."

Millie Jennings and mum Kirsty. Millie achieved three grade 9s, one grade 8 and four grade 7s. She said:  “I am really happy. I have got the grades I needed to get into study A Levels  at Tollbar MAT Sixth Form College.”

Sonia Mensah with her excellent GCSE results.

Tong-Tong Martin, whose results included two grade 9s.

 Sophie Edwards achieved two grade 5s and five grade 4s. Sophie will now study cookery at Grimsby Institute.

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Tollbar Academy Principal

Caroline L Yates
BA (Hons).

Tollbar MAT Chief Executive

David J Hampson