Fireworks Are Not The Only Sparkles At Stunning Year 11 Prom

Tollbar Academy Prom King and Queen 2019, Ellie Wilson and Bradley Crask, as voted for on the night by their fellow students.

More than 250 Tollbar Academy students looked stunning for their spectacular Year 11 Prom, held at Forest Pines. The Prom King and Queen were Ellie Wilson and Bradley Crask, who were voted for on the night by their fellow students. A sensational fireworks display was a highlight of the evening.

Caroline Yates, Principal of Tollbar Academy, said: "It is wonderful to see everybody here tonight, They look absolutely amazing. The students have turned up in so many different forms of transport, including vintage cars and even a wheelbarrow, and it is lovely to see them all enjoying themselves."

(L-r) Olivia Watson, Esme Woodroffe and Sophie Atkinson.

Sophie Read, Sultana Zahan, Jodie Cook and Maizie Ellis.

Thai Robinson, Ben Taylor, Ethan Wright and Sam Cox.

Everyone dressed to impress.

Frances Walker.

Aaron Stott-McCrory, Olivia-Jane Green, Tegan Dean, Michaela Jones, Anisha Khalique and Brody Stainton.

Harrison Lockwood arrives by motorbike.

Amelia Chase, Ebony Dove and Isabel Templeman.

Jess Duffield and Madeleine Cutting.

Smoothly does it!

(L-r) Courtney Smith, Mollie Fox, Ruby Winter, Tom Melling, Josiah Gabbitas and Erin Rushton.

Spectacular fireworks were a highlight of the evening.

Charlie Ellerby and Olivia Simpson during the fireworks display.

The Tollbar Academy Prom 2019.

Sam Cox and Olivia Hurst at the fireworks display.

Unusual transport! Liam Tharby arrives in a wheelbarrow, pushed by Evan Balch, with Morgan Keith on bagpipes.

Ria Potts, Jessica Briggs, Jessica Hogger and Elize Byatt.

Arriving in style. Front: Jack Wright. Back (l-r): Cameron Hargreaves and Roo Ramsden.

Holly Smith, Ashleigh Hulatt-Brumby and Beth Robertson, who arrived in a Green Goddess.

Strike the pose!

Ella Till, Eva Sutton and Kayleigh Smith.

Charlotte Pegman and Danielle Tinsley.

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Tollbar Academy Principal

Caroline L Yates
BA (Hons).

Tollbar MAT Chief Executive

David J Hampson