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Academy's Live Remote Learning Receives Praise From Parents And Carers

Parents and carers have praised the remote learning provided by Tollbar Academy with six live lessons a day being delivered online into students' homes by teachers.

Tollbar Academy staff have been overwhelmed by messages of support from parents praising their live lockdown lessons through remote learning. The Academy is delivering six live lessons a day to its students through the Microsoft Teams programme, as well as tutor periods and assemblies. 

Major investment from Tollbar Multi Academy Trust has ensured that teachers can build upon the remote learning they were offering when students were absent self-isolating last term. This ensured that all students now learning at home during the UK’s full lockdown can continue with their normal timetable. Teachers are teaching live lessons directly into students’ homes via the software.

Caroline Yates, Principal of the Academy, said: “Microsoft Teams is enabling us to deliver the students’ normal six timetabled lessons a day and our students are participating fully in this. We are absolutely delighted with the response to this from everyone involved, from the teachers to students and their parents who’ve been so supportive of us.”

Parents have been commenting via letters to the Academy and on social media thanking staff for their efficiency, the quality of education being delivered and their child’s enjoyment of the lessons.

One parent wrote to the Academy saying: “Just wanted to take a minute to thank you and your staff so much for the online tuition. I have a Year 9 and Year 8 student at home and they have been so settled and seem to have thoroughly enjoyed this week. As a parent, I can’t stress enough how much easier it has made lockdown this time around.

“It’s been great to have a two-way communication. The PE especially had a very beneficial mental health result our end as I imagine most of the students aren’t moving from their seats. It’s a learning process for everyone and one which is very much appreciated.”

Another said: “I would like to give a big shout out to the staff at Tollbar Academy. In what could have been a stressful week of online lessons in my house, we found everything easy to access and the teachers have all delivered not only educational but fun lessons. To hear laughter from a teenager who is stuck inside on lockdown is wonderful. Thank you.”

A third parent said: “I work full time on the front line so haven’t been home, but my daughter has actually improved with the online learning. It is nice to see her work and will definitely help her for the future with self-led learning at college/university. Well done Tollbar, you’ve made some pretty difficult times easier for our children.”

Other parents agreed with one saying: “Absolutely. The staff (at Tollbar) have gone above and beyond. The amount of work they have put in to ensuring the ongoing education of our young people has been incredible.”

Caroline Yates said: “I cannot thank the teachers enough for the amazing effort they have put in to ensure our remote provision is up and running so quickly and the way they have adapted to this new way of teaching.  It is also wonderful to see parents and students giving us so much support with our online learning.  We are determined to continue to deliver quality education remotely to all of our students for as long as this lockdown lasts to ensure that students can get the very best education possible at this time.”

Tollbar Academy students whose parents/carers are critical workers or who are vulnerable are being taught in the classroom through remote learning with live lessons delivered by teachers online. 

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Tollbar Academy Principal

Caroline L Yates
BA (Hons).