Academy Celebrates Outstanding GCSE Results

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Just some of the 47 students who achieved at least one GCSE top Grade 9 today.

Tollbar Academy students are today celebrating outstanding GCSE results with 86% achieving grades 9-4 (a standard pass) in English and 79% achieving Grades 9-4 in Maths.

In total, 47 children achieved at least one top Grade 9 - the equivalent of the old A* grade, and there were 133 Grade 9s achieved across all subjects.

Under the new grading system, subjects have been marked from Grades 1-9, with a standard pass being a Grade 4 and a strong pass being a Grade 5. At Tollbar Academy, 71% of students achieved Grades 9-5 in English (a strong pass), and similarly 60% achieved Grades 9-5 in Maths (a strong pass).

There were 325 students in the year group, and 74% of those achieved Grades 9-4 in both English and Maths (a standard pass), with 53% achieving Grades 9-5 (a strong pass).

Individual subjects were also notable for their raft of top Grade 9s:

History (14 Grade 9s); R.E. (13 Grade 9s); English Literature (18 Grade 9s); English Language (13 Grade 9s); Physics (16 Grade 9s); Chemistry (18 Grade 9s); Biology (10 Grade 9s); Combined Science (13 Grade 9s).

Stephen Moon, retiring Principal of Tollbar Academy said: "These results are outstanding. They are the consequence of the extreme hard work put in by the students and staff at the Academy and they place the students in a very good position to go on to further academic courses or apprenticeships. It is a privilege to be able to leave the Academy on such a high note."

David Hampson OBE, Chief Executive of Tollbar Multi Academy Trust, said: "The results achieved by students at Tollbar Academy, particularly in English and Maths, are exceptional. It is difficult to quantify the hard work that goes into achieving results like this, both on the part of the students and the staff. The unpredictability of the new grading system and the mixed ability of students across all of Tollbar MAT's non-selective academies means that results day can be a very pressurised environment for everyone involved. At Tollbar Academy we also have a very large number of students in the year group, and these students deserve my sincere congratulations for an outstanding performance."

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Pictured are Kay and Matthew Stone and Cameron Warren and Sarah Stevenson.

Highest-Achievers Have 19 Grade 9s Between Them

Matthew Stone and Cameron Warren were Tollbar Academy's highest achievers with 19 Grade 9 GCSEs between them. Joined by their mums, Kay Stone and Sarah Stevenson to collect their results, the students had different approaches.

"It was very stressful and I worked very hard indeed," said a relieved Cameron.

Matthew said: "The uncertainty about the grade boundaries was quite nerve wracking but we only came back from holiday yesterday so I have been quite relaxed about it."

Cameron's mum Sarah said: "He worked so very hard. I am so proud of him."

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Pictured left to right: Mum Maria, twins Megan and Jack and Dad David Larn at Tollbar Academy.

Double The Hard Work Pays Off For Twins

Twins Megan and Jack Larn achieved 20 GCSEs between them with a total of 11 top Grade 9s. They worked together on some subjects, particularly Languages, and took advantage of revision classes at the Academy.

Megan, who will now study A Levels at Tollbar MAT Sixth Form College, said: "I am really proud of us both. It was hard work but definitely worth it now."

The pair were joined by proud parents, Maria and David Larn. Maria said: "We were nervous for them but they worked so hard and did lots of revision here. They had a lot of support and they deserve their fantastic results."

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Imran Ullah Bhutto and Abilash Yogachandran who achieved fantastic results between them.

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Pictured left to right: Debbie, Dennis and Harriet Batty, who battled chronic illness throughout her GCSE courses.

Harriet Overcomes Illness To Achieve 7 GCSEs

Harriet Batty has been suffering from chronic illness for almost three years, but with the help of teachers at Tollbar Academy she achieved seven GCSEs with two top Grade 9s.

"I have chronic fatigue so had home tuition for six months and then the Academy teachers gave me all the support I needed for the last two years," she said.

"It is very debilitating and I found the exams really hard work, but I was determined to take them and, even though I pared them down to the essentials, I still took Geography because I knew I could do it. I got a Grade 7 in that too, so I am very happy."

Parents Debbie and Dennis Batty praised the Academy for its support for their daughter. "Honestly the support the Academy gave Harriet was the best anyone could ask for. We are so very grateful to them and incredibly proud of her for achieving so much despite her illness," said Mum Debbie.

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