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Mission Statement

As an Academy Tollbar will:

  • Enable students to experience an exciting and creative climate for learning and create opportunities for every individual to achieve their maximum potential.
  • Prepare students for active local, national and global citizenship.
  • Provide a secure, caring environment for each individual student.
  • Encourage students to follow a healthy lifestyle.
  • Promote international understanding through a rich and extended curriculum.
  • Promote an international business and enterprise culture and ethic alongside the goal of general academic excellence.
  • Focus our determination to maintain the Academy at the leading edge of educational innovation.
  • Reinforce and extend the links the Academy has with its partners in the local, national and world-wide community.
  • Raise the overall standard of teaching and learning.
  • Accept that our first responsibility is to our clients, to meet their needs and provide outstanding service.
  • Adopt a philosophy of continuous improvement in every aspect of the Academy's work and life.

We are committed to honesty and responsibility in all relationships, respecting the legitimate rights of individuals and stressing the importance of social awareness and sensitivity.

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Tollbar Academy Interim Principal

Victoria Watts