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Mission Statement

At the very heart of our school ethos is the belief that every student matters; we pride ourselves on all our children being known and understood by staff. As an inclusive, comprehensive school, we create a confident, collaborative learning community, where high quality teaching and learning, kindness, honesty and respect for others drives a collective will to bring out the best in every child in our care.

We believe in the values of community and we hope that our students see Tollbar as a place where they belong and are valued and respected. We anticipate that all our students live up to those values too in the way that they treat other people and conduct themselves. Although we are a large school, our students are known as individuals; our six Houses are welcoming and caring communities of around 350 students each and the Pastoral Leader takes charge of the welfare, development and progress of the members of each House. There is a close partnership with parents and carers to ensure that we respond to every student’s changing needs in education and personal development.

Tollbar Academy is forward looking and ambitious – whilst upholding our traditional values and high expectations of behaviour, effort and courtesy. We welcome and value all members of our school community in an atmosphere of learning which is friendly, supportive and challenging.

We expect our students:

  • To work hard and achieve their best
  • To value learning as a lifetime activity
  • To take pride in what they do and to gain satisfaction and enjoyment from their achievements
  • To listen carefully, allowing teachers to teach and everyone to learn
  • To behave responsibly, courteously and to consider the needs and rights of others
  • To be involved in the life of the school, and of the wider community, in order to become responsible and successful citizens

As a result, our students will:

  • Mature in self-confidence, self-discipline and understanding of other people
  • Feel valued and safe
  • Develop resilience in the face of challenges
  • Take responsibility for their own conduct and encourage others to do the same

Academy Core Values

Our vision for the school can be encapsulated in the following words:


Where all our children fulfil their potential and nurture a strong desire to exceed their goals, by taking advantage of the opportunities available to them.


Hard work, effort and self-improvement are required to fulfil goals and experience the sense of satisfaction that follows; trying to do the best you can entails courage and taking risks. Our children strive to improve and enrich the lives of themselves and others in our community; they do not give up.


We believe in the potential of everyone. Here at Tollbar Academy, our children are encouraged to be ambitious in order to achieve their full capability. There is a commitment to excellence in all that we do.

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Tollbar Academy Principal

Mr N J Whittle