Indus House

Head of House - Miss F Cooper

House Colour: Skylark Violet
Named after the Constellation of Indus
Location: Northern Hemisphere
Right Ascension: 03h
Declination: +45°

Indus, the Indian (Native American)

Indus, the Indian (Native American), is completely visible in latitudes south of 15 degrees North from July-September.

Indus was invented by Pieter Dirksz Keyser and Fredick de Houtman between 1595 and 1597.

Native Americans (American Indians, Amerindians, Amerins, Indyans, Injuns, or Red Indians) are indigenous peoples, who lived in the Americas prior to the European colonisation; some of these ethnic groups still exist. The name "Indians" was bestowed by Christopher Columbus, who mistakenly believed that the places he found them were among the islands to the southeast of Asia known to Europeans as the Indies.

House System:

Indus House is set up in the same manner as all of the other five Houses. Each House comprises of fourteen House groups, each with a selection of students from across the five year groups. This helps to encourage all of the different year groups to mix, and certainly helps our new starters to settle into the Academy.


Indus students are always keen to participate in all Interhouse events. A variety of competitions are held throughout the year to appeal to a diverse range of students, these include: musical, sporting and academic competitions. Indus is exceptionally well represented and those students who do participate, take great pride in representing their House. Indus students demonstrate excellent teamwork, commitment and passion for achieving their best, both individually and as a team. Team morale is high and students display the drive to succeed. Miss Cooper is incredibly proud of all students who participate in any Interhouse events.

In 2018 - 2019, Indus won eight Interhouse competitions this year and should be very proud of the effort and determination they have shown during these competitions. Indus students excelled themselves this year and were crowned overall Interhouse champions for 2018 - 2019!


Students are selected to assist their tutors, ensure the welfare of those in their form group and encourage participation in Academy life. The Indus Prefects for 2019/2020:

House Group Form Prefect
IN1 Sam Bellamy
IN2 Kate Gibson
IN3 Billy Nicholson
IN4 Daniel Teanby
IN5 Harrison Nunn
IN6 Lily Harris
IN7 Abbie Burton
IN8 Sommer Brooks
IN9 Dylan Penfold
IN10 Hayden Dalton
IN11 Ottilie Creighton-Butler
IN12 Natasha Barnard
IN13 Evie Griffiths
IN14 Grace Hamilton

House Prefects:

Indus are proud to award four students the role of House Prefect. These students are outstanding students who are admired and respected by others. Ethan, Katherine, Joshua and Mollie will support Miss Cooper and will be given responsibilities over the course of the year, in order to uphold Indus' high standards.

Sports Captains:

Four talented sporting students have been selected as 'Sports Captains'. These students help in the organisation of teams prior to and during Interhouse sporting competitions.

Due to the high calibre of candidates for Sports Captain this year, we have decided to choose four further talented students to be 'Vice Sports Captains' who are able to assist the Sports Captains.

House Council:

As an Academy, we feel it is important to consider the views of all our students. A representative from each House group is elected to express views of the wider form at House Council meetings held once per term.

House Group House Council
IN1 Kieran Smith
IN2 Thai Leach
IN3 George Fraser
IN4 Jack Tilby
IN5 Caitlin Bryant
IN6 Keira Jessop
IN7 Kyle Walton
IN8 Breadon Thompson
IN9 Edith Kerr
IN10 Lucas Meredith
IN11 Izzy Foxon
IN12 Luis Parker
IN13 Kieran Ames
IN14 Anthony Wilson

Indus Endeavour Award Winners:

Endeavour awards celebrate the successes of students from any year group who have made a special effort in the Academy. An overall winner is awarded the prestigious Indus Endeavour Shield for the entire Academic year. The full list of winners is below.

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