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Emergency Closure Procedure

It is the policy of the Academy to remain fully open at all times. However, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, where the Principal has no alternative but to close the Academy, the following procedures will be followed:

Closure during the Academy day

The Academy will make every effort to accommodate all students until the end of the KS4 lunch at 1:30pm. Buses will be requested to collect the students at this time if this can be arranged. A message will be posted on our website and also sent via Humberside radio and Lincs FM informing the public that the Academy will close early. A text message will also be sent to parents/carers. If there is sufficient time, a letter will be given to students informing parents of the circumstances of the closure.

Students will then be allowed home under any of the following conditions:

  • that they can walk or cycle home and will be able to gain access once they reach home
  • that those who use the buses can do so and are able to gain access once they reach home
  • if early buses are not available, but students can still get home safely by other means and gain access once they reach home
  • if parents/carers can be contacted and can be picked up from the Academy

Any student who cannot get home safely will be instructed to report to a specific area where they will be supervised until the end of the Academy day. If buses can only come at 3:15pm, any students reliant on these, who cannot get home safely by other means, should remain at the Academy and go home on the bus as usual.

It is important for parents/carers to discuss with their child whether, in these circumstances, they should go home early or remain supervised until the end of the day. If parents/carers are collecting students, the students should report to the specified area for collection and remain there until they are collected.

Immediate closure

If, for Health and Safety reasons, it is essential to close the Academy immediately and we are therefore unable to provide lunches, the above procedure will be followed for the release of students.

Closure due to inclement weather overnight

If the Academy has to close due to extreme weather conditions or a Health and Safety issue, the Principal will ensure that messages are announced, including on the local radio stations, as early as possible before the Academy starts. Further messages will be issued in order to keep parents informed of when the Academy will be opening again.

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