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Academy Uniform

The following are NOT allowed at all in the Academy:

  • Coats with offensive logos/badges or coats with eye windows.
  • Denim or leather/leather look or knitted coats/jackets.
  • Coloured T-shirts or bras, or T-shirts with logos under an Academy shirt (if a T-shirt is worn under a shirt, it must be plain).
  • Sweatshirts/hoodies/ jumpers/cardigans/clothing made of sweatshirt material (with or without hoods), are not considered as coats and may not be worn.
  • Jeans or jeans-type trousers.
  • Boots of any kind, sandals, canvas shoes, trainers (except for PE), trainer shoes.
  • Nail varnish, gel nails, false nails, tattoos, temporary or henna tattoos, false eyelashes or make-up (discreet make-up is allowed in Year 11).
    • Jewellery, except for a wristwatch and one small stud per ear.  All permitted jewellery must be removed for PE activities.  Please note that 'smart' watches/fitness trackers are not permitted in the Academy.
    • Nose/eyebrow/tongue or any other form of facial or body piercing.

  • Hairstyles which are extreme, NO vivid or two-tone hair colours, NO cuts shorter than a number 1, NO patterns cut into hair, any hairstyles that have a change in hair length must be blended.  Hairstyles must be graduated with no 'stepped' patterns or lines. Mohican style haircuts are not acceptable.
  • NO beaded braids or braids with cotton/material weaves, NO extensions which do not match natural hair colour. A plain hair-slide, clip or 'bobble' is acceptable. No bandanas or scarves are to be worn in the hair. 
    • Beards or moustaches, or sideburns below the earlobes.

  • Large belt buckles or studded/patterned belts (only black belts permitted).

The Academy can accept no liability for the loss of, or damage to, any personal property, including jewellery. This also applies to confiscated items.

Download - Uniform Direct Online In Store Parents Guide 2022

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