Year 10 Examination Timetable 2018


27 February 2018

Dear Parent/Carer

Year 10 Examinations 2018

The Year 10 examinations are scheduled from Monday 5 March 2018 until Wednesday 21 March 2017. A copy of the timetable is attached.

The examinations are GCSE standard and students will be assessed to examine the progress made towards their targets which were set at the beginning of the year.

GCSE examination regulations apply in the examination hall. Students must be silent, wear full uniform and bring all the equipment necessary for the examination, e.g. pen, pencil, ruler and calculator. May I remind you that mobile phones and MP3 players are not allowed in the Academy. The Examinations Boards are severe in their penalties for students who bring mobile phones into the examination venues.

When your son/daughter is not in an exam, he/she will be in normal lessons so they should check the timetable carefully and bring books and equipment for lessons.

Please bear in mind that these examinations are important. They provide one of the few times when students can experience the conditions under which they will be examined for their GCSEs. Your son / daughter must make every effort to be present, unless he/she is really unwell.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to call the Academy.

Please sign your son/daughter's planner on page 30, the Academy/Home Communications page, to confirm that you are aware of the examination schedule.

Yours faithfully

Mr I T Farrell
Assistant Principal

Mr S E Moon

Enc.Year 10 Examination Timetable 2018

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