Whole-School Letter November 2017


November 2017

Dear Parent/Carer

Parents will be aware from recently published tables, that in the summer examinations Tollbar Year 11 students made progress which was well above national expectations.

Under the new system for 2017, Maths and English have been marked from grades 1-9, with a standard pass being a Grade 4 and a strong pass being a grade 5. All other subjects are marked as grades A*-C until summer 2018.

In addition to excellent progress across the board, in Year 11, 84% of students achieved at least a standard pass in English with 68% achieving a strong pass. 74% of students achieved at least a standard pass in Maths.

100% of students achieved Biology and Physics grades A*-C, with 61% of each achieving grades A*-A; 97% achieved Chemistry A*-C, with 63% achieving grades A*-A.

Other notable achievements include: 90% of students achieving Textiles (grades A*-C); 74% French (A*-C); 70% Geography (A*-C); 82% P.E. (A*-C); 71% Art (A*-C); and 71% History (A*-C).

At A Level, students celebrated an exceptional A Level pass rate of 98.4%, with 95% of students achieving the coveted national indicator of three or more A Levels at A*-E grades. These figures have been achieved despite the introduction of the more challenging two year courses.

100% of the 102 Year 13 students achieved two or more A Levels at A*-E, and more than half of this year's entries resulted in grades A*-B, with 83% achieving A*-C grades. These figures are both increases on last year.

These results mean that a high number of students have now taken up places on prestigious university courses across the UK. Among these are three students who are studying Medicine at Hull and Newcastle Medical Schools, and three students who have begun high-quality Accountancy apprenticeships.

I am extremely proud of the achievements of all the students and they are a credit to themselves, the Academy and their parents and carers.

Minority Languages - GCSE

At the Academy we regularly enter students for languages spoken at home. For example Arabic, Urdu and Polish. If your son or daughter speaks and writes another language and you would like them to be entered for a GCSE, please contact the Head of Modern Foreign Languages at the Academy.


A high rate of attendance is essential in order for every student to achieve their full potential. To support this, the Government has decided that any student who has less than 90% attendance will be classified as a Persistent Absentee and this information has to be reported to the DfE.

Please telephone the Academy every day that your son or daughter is absent and if an absence is for three days or more, medical evidence may be required in order to authorise the absence (i.e. a doctor's appointment card or prescription).


May we take this opportunity to thank parents and carers for their understanding and co-operation with regard to high standards of uniform. For further guidance and clarification please see the Academy website for suggested footwear and trousers. Please can we also remind you that female students are not permitted to wear make-up, with the exception of discreet make-up in Year 11. Please can parents be aware that skinny tight trousers are not part of the Uniform Policy.

P.E. Kit

If any student is unable to participate in Physical Education lessons due to a medical condition they must bring a signed note from their parent or carer. Students with notes will be excused from participating in the lesson but they are still expected to bring their full P.E. kit to change into. By wearing their P.E. kit students are able to take an active role in the lesson as well as keeping their Academy uniform clean. Students who fail to bring P.E. kit in these circumstances will be issued with a kit mark. Any student without P.E. kit will also be expected to go outside with their group for their timetabled activity. In the case of adverse weather conditions students will be provided with ponchos to keep clothing dry.

Visiting Tollbar Academy

For safety purposes, all visitors to the Academy are asked to report to the Reception which is located at the front of the Academy. Therefore could we ask that all parents / carers entering the Academy site, whether it be for a meeting, delivering items or collecting anything, please report to Reception. Reception hours are Monday to Thursday 8:15am to 4:30pm and Friday 8:15am to 4:00pm.

Student Safety

As we go through the darker months we recommend that students wear a reflective vest or armband so that they can be seen when walking or cycling to and from the Academy. Cyclists should also wear cycle helmets and have reflectors and lights for their own safety. Also please ensure that the brakes on your child's cycle are in full working order, students must also lock their bike when it is stored in the bike sheds.

We have had some complaints that a minority of students are cycling in a manner that endangers themselves or other road users. Please will parents and carers discuss and reinforce with their child the importance of cycling in an appropriate manner. Please can we also remind parents not to do U-turns in the entrance or exit of the Academy.

First Aid Room

Please note that the First Aid Room at the Academy is for emergency support only for issues arising during the Academy day. If children are genuinely ill in the morning, parents/carers should take them to their doctor who is appropriately qualified to deal with any issues students may have.

Mobile Phones/MP3 Players/iPods/Smart Watches/Fitness Trackers

The Academy has a policy of not allowing students to bring mobile phones or MP3 players/iPods/smart watches/fitness trackers onto the site. These devices are not permitted in order for us to ensure the welfare of every student and limit the disruption to their education. Any student who is suspected of having one of these devices will be searched by the Academy and the device will be confiscated for five school days. Students who continue to bring their mobile phone into the Academy will be subject to the Academy's Behaviour Policy. Please note that students found with such a device during a controlled assessment or examination have to be reported to the Examination Board concerned and risk gaining zero marks for their work, disqualification from the subject concerned or even disqualification from all GCSE subjects. These rules apply whether the student is using the device or not. Please discuss this with your child and ensure that he / she does not bring electronic equipment to the Academy.

Tollbar Academy Year Pattern 2017&-2018 and 2018-2019

We have enclosed the Tollbar Academy Year Pattern for 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 and which can also be viewed on our website www.tollbaracademy.co.uk under Term Dates. Please do not use term dates which are published on websites which are not affiliated with Tollbar as these have been found to be incorrect.

Events Calendar

For your information, we enclose the Events Calendar for 2017-2018. This calendar is also posted on the Academy website.

Information from North East Lincolnshire Council

NELC have requested we include some information for parents.

  • NELC are recruiting for foster carers, further information can be found on their website www.nelincs.gov.uk/fostering.
  • Please find attached information regarding the laws and regulations governing Child Employment.

Finally each year at Christmas, Tollbar Academy collects food, bedding and essential supplies for The Ark Animal Rescue & Retirement Home at North Somercotes. If you would like to contribute this year students can take donations to their Form Tutor, closing date will be Wednesday 13 December 2017.

Please sign your son/daughter's planner on page 30, the Academy/Home Communications page, to indicate that you have received this letter.

Yours faithfully

Mr S E Moon

Encs: Year Patterns 2017-2018 and 2018-2019
  Events Calendar
  Child and Work Permits Information Sheet

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