Tollbar Students Commended In NHS Competition

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Tollbar Academy Year 8 students who received "Highly Commended" Awards in the recent "Step Into The NHS" Schools Competition. They include: Jessica Pirie, Daniel Teanby, Elize Burchell, Faith Nicol, Maisie Stenhouse, Ellie Milnes, Lucy Goodwin, Milenna Ludtke and Jayda Ceylan.

Careers in healthcare came under the spotlight when Year 8 students from Tollbar Academy entered the annual "Step Into The NHS" Schools Competition and came out with certificates for their efforts.

Students had to pick a job and research it, creating a detailed job description as well as advertising the role as creatively as possible. A selection of Tollbar Academy students received certificates for their "Highly Commended Entries."

These included Daniel Teanby for his role as a surgeon. Daniel created a lego stop-motion animation about a boy who required a kidney transplant, and how a surgeon would make it happen. Ellie Milnes, Elize Burchell, Faith Nicole and Maisie Stenhouse created a booklet, a comic strip and posters to illustrate the role of Network Manager. Students Jayda Ceylan, Jessica Pirie, Milenna Ludtke and Lucy Goodwin described a Physiotherapist. They created a booklet highlighting the role of a physiotherapist, and a model of a person printed onto an exercise ball.

Teacher Claire Smith said: "The students worked hard to complete their entries. Their commendations were a massive achievement. I am very proud of them."

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