How We Think We Did - In The Words Of Our A Level Students 2017

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Tom Avis and Alex Formby, who each achieved 2 A* and one A grade.

Tom Avis and Alex Formby were the college's highest achievers. Tom (Maths A*, Chemistry A*, Economics A) will now study Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Leeds. He also won the Sixth Form Award for Chemistry and Economics at Tollbar MAT Sixth Form College. Tom said: "I am very happy with my results, and my advice to others would be to use as many revision resources as you can because it is very hard work."

Alex Formby (English A*, History A*, Biology A) will now study History at the University of York. He said: "I feel totally overwhelmed but in a good way. It became extremely stressful towards the end and I was glad when the exams were over, but today makes it all worthwhile."

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Students heading for Medical School are Hannah Elkatkat, Samhitha Alavala and Joseph Lee.

Three students will now study to become doctors at prestigious Medical Schools following successful A Level results. Samhitha Alavala (Biology A*, Chemistry A, Maths A) will study Medicine at Newcastle University along with Hannah Elkatkat (Biology A*, Chemistry A, Maths A).

Samhitha's father is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Princess Diana Hospital, Grimsby. She said: "I will be the second doctor in the family and I am so excited. I preferred the two-year A Level courses because they allowed me to filter out what I needed to concentrate on and I think that really helped me."

Hannah Elkatkat said: "I found the courses really hard because it was a journey into the unknown with the new A Levels. But Tollbar really helped me and I am so happy with myself. I will be the first doctor in my family I hope."

Joseph Lee (Biology A*, Chemistry A, Maths A) will study Medicine at Hull-York Medical School. He said: "I was not expecting these results. My advice would be to continuously work. I started revising in January and did as many past papers as I could find. I have wanted to be a doctor since Year 9."

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Cellist Katharine Ley is heading to the Royal Northern College Of Music.

Katharine Ley (Music A, History B, Psychology B) is an accomplished cellist who has already performed in London with the National Youth Orchestra and with the BBC Symphony Orchestra. She has attained a place at the Royal Northern College of Music – Conservatoire – Manchester. She said: "I cried when I opened my results. I had no idea what I would get and I was very nervous. I want to be a professional cellist and my aim is just to be able to perform."

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Students who have secured Accountancy apprenticeships. They are: Laura Andrisova, Jack Tutass and Betsy Wood.

Three students were so inspired by motivational talks from ex students and representatives of local firms that they secured apprenticeships with accountancy firms.

Laura Andrisova (Philosophy A, English C, Psychology C) and Betsy Wood (Business Studies B, Geography B, Economics C) applied to become apprentices at Forrester Boyd.

Laura said: "I knew that I wanted to do accountancy after the talk at college and it is great to join the grown up world for real. I will get my education paid for and still earn a wage and become a Chartered Account after five years of training."

Betsy said: "I am just so happy with my results. Now it seems real. I am working and have a career to look forward to."

Jack Tutass (Economics A, Business Studies B, Maths E) is now working at Smethurst & Buckton Accountancy, Grimsby. He explained: "I received a lot of support from Sixth Form staff and I started work in July. I am really enjoying this new challenge."

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Luke Greetham is heading for York University to study Physics.

Luke Greetham (Maths A, Further Maths A Chemistry A, Physics B) had earlier won the Sixth Form Award for Maths and Physics. He will now study Physics at York University. He said: "A Levels were definitely challenging but at the same time I can now breathe a sigh of relief. I am thinking of Research Science and perhaps a PHD, but right now I am just happy to be able to move on to the next stage of my studies."

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