Lyra House

Head of House - Mr R Watson

House Colour: Canary Yellow
Named after the Constellation of Lyra

The lyre is one of the most ancient of musical instruments.

In Greek mythology, the lyre was invented by Hermes. When only a child, he pulled a cow-gut across a tortoise shell, and thereby created the lyre. Hermes gave this lyre to his half-brother Apollo (both were fathered by Zeus). As the god of music, Apollo became associated with the instrument and has now become the symbol of our new House logo.

Orpheus (musician of the Argonauts and son of Apollo) was given the instrument by his father when only a child and the Muses taught him to use it. They say that even Nature herself would stop to listen, enraptured by his musical charm. The name 'Lyra' is taken from this instrument 'the lyre' played by Orpheus.

There are several versions about the death of Orpheus. In the most widespread version Dionysus invades Thrace, home of Orpheus, and the female followers of Dionysus (the Maenads) tear Orpheus from limb to limb. His head is thrown into the river Hebrus, where it floats to Lesbos, singing the entire time.

The lyre of Orpheus is also thrown into the river, and it too floats to Lesbos, beached near the temple of Apollo. Apollo then convinces Zeus that the instrument should become a constellation. Zeus agrees, and places the lyre of Orpheus between Hercules and Cygnus.

Although we are not all musicians in Lyra House we understand about harmony in the sense that we all try to work together and support one-another in our wider community. We pride ourselves on our team spirit and the respect we have for each other. We understand the importance of taking time to listen to one other and value the views and ideas of our house members. To help in this we hold regular House Council meetings that discuss matters pertinent to our students. One member of this council is then elected to represent Lyra on the College Council; here students know they can bring about changes to the college.

The constellation Lyra is quite small but it contains the fifth brightest star in the sky. This is Vega and the temperature on its surface is twice that of our Sun, and that's pretty hot! We like to take inspiration from this in helping us realise that you do not have to be the biggest or the loudest to stand out. It is about the effort and sacrifice you can make to stand out above all others. Students who stand out are awarded with an Endeavour award. The overall winner receives the Endeavour Shield.

Lyra 2015-2016

Lyra House has had an immensely successful year, We finished a very close second in the Overall Interhouse Cup, winning 5 Interhouse competitions (the InterHouse Football, Basketball, Citizenship, Geography and Art competitions) and having a strong showing (8 2nd places) in other competitions. In Lyra House, we really do believe that we are a community, here to support one another in all aspects of our daily lives.

Students are appointed to senior positions of importance within the House. This year we have a tremendous array of hardworking and diligent individuals who will be representing their House with distinction.

The Lyra House Councillors for 2016/2017 are:

The Lyra Prefects for 2016/2017:

Lyra House Prefect:

This year we are proud to continue this prestigious role to allow two more of our outstanding students to assist in the representing Lyra at various events. The Lyra House Prefects for 2016/2017 are:


Throughout the year Lyra students have taken part in all Interhouse competitions and events. This year there were more students than ever participating, particularly in Sports Day, where we had the highest number of entries, a magnificent achievement. Because of this level of participation we were able to finish a very close 2nd in the overall standings, making one of the most exciting InterHouse competitions in years. Lyra students should be congratulated for their efforts shown throughout the year in both the subject and sporting competitions. Everyone involved in Lyra will work hard to encourage even more to participate in these enjoyable events throughout the year.

As the interest and enthusiasm for the forthcoming competitions continues to grow, we are sure to succeed in many more areas during the coming years.

Vice-Sports Captains:

This year's two talented sporting students who will assist the Sports Captains in the organisation of teams involved in the Inter house competitions are:

Sports Captains:

This year's two talented sporting students who will help in the organisation of teams involved in the Inter House competitions are:

Lyra Endeavour award winners:

This Endeavour awards celebrate the successes of students from any year group who have made a special effort towards the Academy through extra hard work and their participation in Academy events. An overall winner is rewarded with custodianship of the prestigious Lyra Endeavour Shield for the full Academic year. The full list of winners is below, with the overall Lyra Endeavour Shield being awarded to Amelia Barrett (Lyra 6) for her excellent efforts in year 10.

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