Cygnus House

Head of House - Mr B French

House Colour: Kingfisher Blue
Named after the Constellation of Cygnus
Cygnus the Swan

"Together Everyone Achieves More"

Cygnus straddles the northern Milky Way and is sometimes called the Northern Cross. One story claims that Cygnus is Orpheus, the hero of Thrace, who sang and played his lyre so beautifully that wild animals and trees would come and hear him play.

Orpheus was transported to the skies as a swan so that he could be near his lyre.

The new Cygnus logo shows a number of people working together as a team, making up the image of the Cygnus Swan, emphasising our motto "Together everyone achieves more".

House Council

In Cygnus, we think it is important to take into account the views of all our students. So we hold regular House Council meetings to discuss any issues affecting our day to day lives. Each form has at least 1 representative who is there to put forward the particular concerns of the students. These are discussed at length and the most pressing make it forward to the full College Council meeting for further consideration. This process has resulted in an updated College uniform, more benches to sit on in the playground and separate upper and lower school toilet facilities along with the hard play area and basketball courts for use before College and at break and lunch.

The new Cygnus House Council for 2016/2017

The Cygnus Prefects for 2016/2017

House Prefects

This year we have decided to award 2 students the role of House Prefect. This is presented to students who have been model students for the past 4 years and will be given responsibilities to represent the academy at any academy functions and events as well as support the head of house in their day to day role.

The House Prefects for 2016/2017 are:

Sports Captains

Every year two talented sporting Students from each house our chosen as "Sports Captains" who help in the organising of teams prior to and during the inter house sporting competitions.

Due to the high calibre of candidates for Sports Captain this year, we have again decided to choose two talented Students to be "Assistant Sports Captains," to help the Sports Captains.

The Cygnus Sports Captains for 2016/2017 are:

The Cygnus Vice Sports Captains for 2016/2017 are:

Inter House Competitions

Cygnus students are very proud to be a part of Cygnus House and enjoy taking part in the Inter House competitions and charity events that we organize during the year.

We are always exceptionally well represented and those students who do take part really enjoy representing their House.

The competitions are chosen to appeal to different strengths. These could be musical, sporting or academic.

Cygnus were successful this year with a number of top three positions in this year's competitions, taking 3rd place in the Cross Country, Badminton and Athletics, 2nd in the Rounders and 1st in the Netball and Business Competitions.

Well done to the Cygnus teams and individuals that took part in interhouse competitions this year, with a special mention to the Boys Relay Team at Sports Day. The relay teams are chosen by the heads of house on the day, using the results of the 100m races, to select the fastest students in each year group. 1 student from year 7, one from year 8, one from year 9 and one from year 10. This year, for the first time in the Academy's History, the Cygnus boys relay team included 3 students from the same family, Daniel Gibbs in year 7, William Gibbs in year 9 and Cameron Gibbs in year 10. Julian Saunt was the year 8 boys who joined them to complete the team. This is a fantastic story in itself, but to put the icing on the cake and complete the fairy tale ending, the boys went on to win the race.

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