Student Curriculum

Tollbar Academy students enjoy an innovative, broad and balanced curriculum which prepares them for adult life. Our curriculum is designed to be flexible to allow for personalised learning.

Lower Secondary (2016 to 2019):

All students complete the Lower Secondary curriculum in two years - Years 7 and 8. Key Stage 3 subjects offered are:

Mathematics, English, Science, Computer Science (including digital literacy), French, Spanish (upper bands only), Geography, History, Music, Art, Technology, Textiles, Citizenship and Physical Education.

Upper Secondary (2016 to 2019):

All students complete the Upper Secondary curriculum in three years - Years 9, 10 and 11. Key Stage 4 subjects offered are:

Core subjects of
Mathematics, English Language, English Literature, Science, Citizenship, Physical Education, Geography or History, French or Spanish (upper bands only), literacy (lower bands only) and numeracy (lower bands only).
Optional subjects of
Art, Computer Science, Information Technology, Music, Physical Education, Technology and Textiles.

In Science students either sit three single Sciences (upper band only) of Chemistry, Biology and either Physics or Computer Science or they are entered for Combined Science.

Year 9 Option Booklets 2016-2019