Additional Funding

Tollbar Academy receives additional funding to support students who joined the Academy below the expected standard in Maths and/or reading in Year 7.

The Academy will primarily focus this funding to accelerate progress and increase outcomes at the end of Year 7.

In 2015-2016 the Academy received £24,000.

In 2016-2017 the Academy will receive an estimated £24,000 of additional funding.

The range of provision includes:

  • Reduced class sizes to improve opportunities and outcomes
  • One to one, or paired group reading lessons
  • Literacy lessons
  • Numeracy lessons
  • Increased number of Teaching Assistants to support in Maths and English lessons

The impact of additional funding for Year 7 in 2015-2016 was that 100% made at least expected progress in maths, with 47% making exceptional progress and 50% had made more than 6 months' progress in reading and 32% had made more than 12 months' progress within 6 months.

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Tollbar Academy Principal

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